Conquest 8v8 Tournament

• This competition is designed for teams of 8 players.

Crucial Dates:
6th July – Registration Begins / Teams receive servers upon payment
20th July – Registration Ends
21th July – Tournament Starts

• July 21th – August 1st – first round of matches (10 days) mp_001 = Panama Canal
• August 1st – August 8th – second round of matches (7 days) mp_003 = Laguna Alta
• August 9rd – August 15th – third round of matches (7 days) mp_005 = Atacama Desert
• August 16th – August 22nd – forth round of matches (7 days) mp_006CQ = Arica Harbor
• August 23rd – August 29th – fifth round of matches (7 days) mp_007 = White Pass
• August 30th – September 5th – six round of matches(7 days) mp_009CQ = Laguna Presa

September – Prizes sent to winners

Registration Fees:
• SGD $100 ($12.50 per player) – single payment by a team leader only.
• Non-refundable

• 1 unranked passworded match server will be provided to each team and it will run until the end of the tournament.
• This server will be used for matches (instructions will be provided to teams) and team training purposes.

• Conquest Mode (8v8) – Players must capture and hold flags for as long as the enemy respawn tickets hold out. Every kill makes the enemy lose one ticket, and enemy tickets constantly decrease when a team controls more than half of the flags on the map. Vehicles unlock as control points are held.
• Best of 3 rounds (each team to switch sides after every round). Winner is first to 2 round wins.
• 200 tickets
• Choice of Map – decided by organizers and will be different every week
• Friendly Fire will be turned on.
• Kill Cam will be turned off
• 3D spotting will be turned off
• Crosshair will be turned on
• Minimap spotting will be turned on
• Team Balance will be turned off
• External vehicle views will be turned on.
• Unlocks are allowed (see weapon restriction clause below). server in unranked mode.

Servers/Matching Procedure:
• All matches will be played on the provided Fragnetics unranked servers only.
• When both teams are ready to start (i.e both sets of players have spawned in the server and the teams are ready), the server administrator will restart the round and the match will begin.
• The organizers will provide the teams with the controls to administer their servers and adequate instructions.

Number of Teams/Type of Elimination:
• Minimum 8 teams, double elimination
• >=16 teams – 4 groups of 4 teams group stage, single elimination between top 2 teams from each group

Weapon Restrictions:
• As of 13th June 2010, the use of Carl Gutav rocket launcher is prohibited. This may be lifted by the discretion of the organizers depending on subsequent patch behavior.

• July 6th – open registration + payup + set up servers (teams who register and pay up early will get to train earlier)

• Each team will play 1 game per week

• All matches shall be played over the weekend (Friday-Sunday). However, both teams may mutually agree to play on any day/time within the respective week.

• All teams are advised not to schedule their matches on Tuesdays between 5pm to 8pm due to EA master server maintenance.

Team Leader/Liaison:
• All teams must have 2 Leader/Liaison persons. He/She will be responsible for negotiating the match timings between the other teams, and communication with the organizers. All dialogue must also be in English only.

Reporting of Match outcome:
• The designated Leader/Liaison persons must email the organizers a short summary of the match outcome (e.g Team A win Team B 2-1) immediately after its conclusion.

Stance on Minimum players/Ringers:
• All teams must fill at least 6 players for the 8v8 matches.
• All teams are encouraged to use consistent lineups.
• There is no restriction on the use of ringers but for administrative purposes at least one of the two designated Leader/Liaison persons in the teams must be present in all matches..

Mass Disconnections/Server Crashes:
• [to be clarified]

Logs/Dispute Resolution:
• For purposes of dispute resolutions, all chat conversations/screenshots (forum PMs or emails) between the designated team leaders/liaison persons must be logged and saved verbatim.
• In the event of a scheduling dispute, the organizers will confer to the logs from both parties and decide on an appropriate action.

Use of Cheats/Hacking Programs/Illegal Activity:
• All servers are protected with Punkbuster and have streaming to PBBans.
• Any player found caught cheating will have his team booted from the tournament.

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